Whoops haven’t finished my Euro-trip blogging

London is only awesome if you are rich, or don’t care how much money you spend (which amounts to the same thing in my book).

London for me was a black hole, draining my cash at horrendous rates.  It was also pretty cool.  I need to learn to let go sometimes.t

 I love LOVE taking pictures of cops, but it also makes me nervous.  So many street performers in London.  And the greater Europe.

 My travel buddy being touristy :p

 I met people from Spain, Germany, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, Nepal, France, Slovakia, Poland, India, etc…. and I think only ONE SINGLE BRITISHER.  Basically the whole world is slowly being funneled into London.  I was bargaining in Camden Market with the above dude for a shirt.  Got it for three pouinds (had to throw in an exitfest bracelet though)

 Practiced my Hindi with a Delhi-ite!  Also go to Brick Lane if you want AMAZING Indian Food.