Pour me Another

esn’t matter what you call it

All she wanted was a little bit of solid
Feels like love, it doesn’t matter what you call it
Heal those cuts or hide em underneath the polish
Break another promise and take me as a hostage (take me)
Hold your job down and let the zombies crowd around
Thankin’ mommy’s god that it’s a cop’s town
Keep it safe for me while I chase a fantasy
Swerving through the galaxy, searching for a family
Happily surrounded by planets and stars
She was stuck uptown, you was landing on Mars


once every 2 years or so I feel the need to get TRASHED as @#%*. And I don’t.

just know that I really feel like not being sober. Even if it’s just for the effect, as if I’m a character from a book or movie who is trying to drown something emotional.

I won’t.