I was helping this EXTREMELY sassy old lady at work.  Our conversation:

Me:  “I think I’ll dye my hair blue here soon.”

Her: “WHAT.  That is a VERY BAD idea.  Why would you want to do that?”

Me:  “No it will be awesome!  It’s gonna be like a work of art… they’ll put me in a museum or something.”

Her: “Yeah they’ll put you in a museum.  A museum for monkeys.”

Me:  “There are no monkeys in the museum.”

Her:  “WellThere’ll be one .”

Meaning me.  Hahahhahah I had to laugh.  This lady really makes a lot of my coworkers angry (and also me, on occasion, though not since I’ve gotten back).  It’s funny how in a sitcom situation she would be the quirky old cute lady who has a sharp tongue and wit.  In reality, she brings people to tears.  For every funny little conversation like that, are a few hundred instances of please-less orders, eye-rolls, and sarcastic yet oddly not-funny comments.  But I do get a couple gems from her. So that’s that.