I like this one five hundred percent better than that crappy tree that was my last project.

latest art pen

I had pictures of it in progress too but my phone got stolen.  My friend and I had a stakeout and went to where I tracked my phone but it was pretty inconclusive.  He gave me grizzly bear spray in case stuff went down but nothing happened at all.  I think the location was slightly off.  (Find my iphone is so awesome… be sure to enable icloud services on your iphone in case it gets lost or stolen).

He grew up in the projects so he’s more able to handle Minneapolis than me.  I’m from freaking small town North Dakota, I’m way too trusting and naive.  Hence why my phone got stolen in the first place.  I wasn’t being careful enough.  I rarely feel unsafe, no matter where I travel, or live.  I grew up being able to go wherever, sneaking out at 4 AM to walk around town with my friend, so feeling unsafe doesn’t come naturally to me.  Walking through a knot of loud or drunken people does scare me though.

Speaking of travel I leave for Frankfurt tomorrow! Then on to Switzerland and the Czech Republic, respectively.


Art and the Evils of Television

My once a year painting has been released! I’m not all that happy with this one. I stupidly dropped a bunch of money on watercolors. Might try to sell em (any takers?). GAH I NEED to stop making stupid purchases.

Sharpie Pen + Qor watercolors


In other news: these articles.  I read a lot of minimalist articles because I’m trying to shift my head toward letting go of “stuff”.  I’m on that path but I want to be more so.

The Single Easiest Habit Change to Improve Your Life Forever

The Myth of Ownership


i can be
alone by myself
i was
lonely alone
now i’m lonely
with you
something is wrong
there are flies
i go

-Alone, Nikki Giovanni

The first poetry I ever really got into was hers.  Also I will be performing at a poetry reading tonight.  Me and my manly voice up onstage just doesn’t seem like a recipe for a good time.  It’s one of those things you do just so you can say you did it.

ALSO! I am working on a painting for my brother.


wwooooh exciting.