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“The incident in Oklahoma [in which members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity were caught on tape uttering racist chants], that is a real argument for getting rid of the system altogether, in my opinion, even having been through a fraternity. Because when you break it down, it really is about creating cliques and clubs and being exclusionary. Fraternities were started as academic societies that were supposed to have a philanthropic arm to them.”

—comedian and movie star Will Ferrell

I never thought I would identify so strongly with Will Ferrell, but I feel him so hard on this subject.

The worst decision I made in college was joining a sorority.

The best decision I made was quitting it.

Sororities and Fraternities (whatever else they may do or good or bad) create an in-group, which in turn creates an out-group at the same time.  When I was in a sorority I spent most of my time with my “sisters”.  I had very few friends outside of the Greek system at NDSU.

We had a bunch of chants about how awesome we were… and some songs about how sh*tty the other sororities  were.

I hate things that create an us-them mentality.  Hate them hate them hate them.  I hate Americans who don’t like foreigners.  Also I hated being in the cage that Greek Life is… all your friends are rich white people. ick.  Also I didn’t have enough money for that nonsense.

Something I don’t hate:  Duolingo.  It’s really really really helpful for learning languages. Y’all should try it.


sorry ripped this off tumblr and CANNOT figure out who the original poster was.

This hits me.  I was not taught this.  I was taught only one thing:

No sex before marriage.

Okay I thought teenage boys were just horny and it wasn’t *really* their fault if they just pushed and pushed until you gave in.  I wish I wish I wish I would have known, when someone doesn’t respect the word”No” kick him the hell out of your life.  Once I left for college I never had problems with this again.  No one pushed it, because….

I make a point of ridding my life of anyone who is not good for me.  I have made a business of leaving people behind.

I guess learning things the hard way is the best way to make the message stick.


“If owning a gun and knowing how to use it worked, the military would be the safest place for a woman. It’s not.

If women covering up their bodies worked, Afghanistan would have a lower rate of sexual assault than Polynesia. It doesn’t.

If not drinking alcohol worked, children would not be raped. They are.

If your advice to a woman to avoid rape is to be the most modestly dressed, soberest and first to go home, you may as well add “so the rapist will choose someone else”.

If your response to hearing a woman has been raped is “she didn’t have to go to that bar/nightclub/party” you are saying that you want bars, nightclubs and parties to have no women in them. Unless you want the women to show up, but wear kaftans and drink orange juice. Good luck selling either of those options to your friends.

Or you could just be honest and say that you don’t want less rape, you want (even) less prosecution of rapists.

When people scoff at the message that we need to teach people not to rape they make the assumption that the lesson goes: “Rape is bad. Don’t do it.” That is not what the lesson looks like. The lesson, once it is adopted, will be that every single person out there, regardless of any defining personal characteristics, is a human being of value, and with a right to make their own decisions about what bodily contact to have with others. There is nothing a person can do that makes them less deserving of that right. Violating any person’s right to control the when, what and who with of their sexual interactions is wrong. Do it and you will be punished, and you will deserve it.”