mi amor

Soon begins my last week in Santo Domingo.

I want to stay, take my dancing to the next level…

They have a free dembow zembow (twerking essentials) lesson in the park (Plaza Guibia at 6:15ish) Monday-Friday, but I didn’t realize that till 2+ weeks in.


Half of my conversations are like this:  Them: Why did you come here?  Me:  In my city, it’s very cold, with no dancing.  So I leave whenever I have money.

(Only in Spanish)

Much of the cat-calling here is, “PSSSSST” PSSSST”, as if they’re trying to get your attention to tell you a secret.  Then if you ignore them they don’t usually pursue any further conversation.  But today I decided to respond to someone with “PSSST” as well.  We had a short chat in morse code until I was out of hearing range.

We went to some beach, near Las Salinas.  We went to a salt mine, where they extract it from the ocean.  Huge piles of salt laying everywhere.  Also sand dunes. Also beach.


 Virgin beach at the end, which means you can’t swim there.


Salt mines/factory.

 The pools are different colors based on whether the salt is ready to come out.  Unclear on when that is, because as always our nanny explains things in Spanish and sometimes I don’t catch it all.

MMMM. ocean.  With Prince Royce in the speakers.