tonight’s the night, amirite?

Welcome to Seoul, South Korea.  Where everybody drinks and few to none dance.  Basically the antithesis of who I am as a person.

 I have never seen a country  more in need of ecstasy tablets.  When someone DOES make an effort to bust it I am inclined to yell WOOOOOH like the obnoxious American that I am and start applauding them vigorously.

How can you not dance when the bass is so loud your veins get confused?  Most of the club-goers move about the same as I do on a crowded subway when my headphones are serving me up something particularly rousing.  A bob of the head.  A bit of foot-tapping.

I hope Thailand has less shy people.

I can’t imagine it could possibly have more.

Midnight Run


There are people who find the the truth boring.

Me,  I caught honesty like an addiction to the rarest of drugs.  I’ve been frequenting alleyways looking for a fellow junkie since my first night doing lines of sincerity with you in the back corner when we were still strangers.  Clear eyes, clean hearts.  The crash back into reality, to deceitfulness and calculated smiles nearly killed me.

I’ve been living in the withdrawals.


I like drug metaphors but I don’t know that much about drugs so (cliches).  oh well.