I can’t front like I’m not excited to the point of dizziness

I was purchasing plane tickets for Korea, and when I got to the screen where you get to pick which seats you want, my hand froze.  I will be on a plane to Seoul for eighteen hours.  The seat I pick could change the course of my life.  I found myself wondering what sort of person would sit over the wing of the plane, which sort of people usually take aisle seats and whether I should just go with the middle seat so I can meet two people instead of just one.   Then I started using numerology, contemplating picking 27E since my middle name begins with E and I was born on the 27th.

I can’t remember which seat I picked.

I suppose it doesn’t matter.

This summer is going to be something.  you know, I wonder how I managed this post without ONE SINGLE EXCLAMATION POINT. oh wait, there’s the allcaps. dangit.  

Spoiler Alert: unrelated poetry


can’t help but notice how
much brighter your eyes are
when you’re sober

I want to take multiple photographs of the
way your voice doesn’t
shake, the sunflowered way you turn toward the future

watching you stand upright without
assistance is
a wine into water miracle and your

spine can be seen from