New Years rezzzzezzzz (less stupid crap/waste, more personal growth)

Well now that I discovered Fargo Library has FREE ACCESS TO ROSETTA STONE (and mango but that’s slightly less revolutionary)…

1.  My first res(v)olution is to do at least 4 lessons of Hindi a day (Two via Rosetta, two via mango).

2.  Wash my hair less.  Currently it’s once a day but I can save a lot of money on shampoo/conditioner/hair dye if I cut it back to 2-3 times a week.
3.  10 day purchase pause on everything I want.  I have seriously spent mad cash on so much stupid stuff.  Also check the return policy first and SAVE THE RECIEPT..   No new clothes (barring socks/underwear and shoes if the old ones break)
4.  Be comfortable without makeup on.  Get to the point where I can go to work without it. (That’s gonna be hard.) I’m crazy dependent and it’s not good thing.
5.  Start learning Chinese.  Perfect Spanish.
6.  Get rid of things.  Do this by putting them in a box… If I discover I never had to dig them out of the  box in a few months… they go.
7.  Stop clicking on stupid articles on the internet.  Which means I probably have to stop mindlessly scrolling through my facebook newsfeed. hmm.  Maybe limit myself to checking it only one in the AM/PM/NOC.
Listen to this song (that can be your New Years Resolution)..

Anyone who doesn’t like Parenthesis may Leave

Yesterday I had a bonfire (is it still a bonfire if it’s freakin’ tiny? unclear.) for my birthday.

Anyways my friend who is a Reiki healer had us write things on pieces of paper and then burn them.

Things we want to let go of.

Like tarot card readings, I find myself analyzing, trying to look inward and see, (Does it help? Does it work? /////////) on and on and on.

I very rarely give myself up to anything.  I can’t just feel it.

My parents are deeply suspicious of anything “hippy”.  I’m not suspicious. Maybe skeptical.

I want to be able to cleanse myself of anything dragging me down, the things that cause me to doubt my self-worth.

Do I believe that I can?

I guess the answer is maybe, so then it follows that the answer is really


also: a song.