Words are not Enough

The American media chooses to focus on trivialities, (not limited to, but certainly including, a dead lion named Cecil).  However, ultimately I do blame myself for not being more informed. 

Anyways.  A couple days ago I read this article on ISIS and sex-trafficking (TW: sexual assault).

Isis Enshrines a Theology of Rape

Awful doesn’t cover it.  It is so absolutely f**ked up that sex, this beautiful, wonderful thing, can be corrupted and used as a tool of destruction and hate.  SICK SICK SICK.

Some of this is being combated by a man named Steve Maman, who is buying these women (and in some cases, children) from ISIS to give them back their lives.

Read that story here:  A Canadian Businessman Inspired by Oskar Schindler Is Buying Back Christians and Yazidis Captured by Islamic State .

I don’t donate anything. Ever.  I am always too worried about corrupt charities, and ultimately I always decide its better to just give nothing.  That has to change.  I believe in this man.  I have to donate to his cause.  Please consider supporting him as well.


caution tape

hey please don’t fall for me, just don’t.

I’m sorry in advance for not having the courage to give you the warning you need out loud.  I’m sorry because impulses take precedence over what I know I shouldn’t do, most nights.  I live with my eyes wide open.  I stay sober so I don’t even have that excuse.  I can’t expect you to walk the fine line of detachedness with me.  If I could I wouldn’t be alone on my couch right now.  
I’ve been thinking about Sufism.  And how maybe Judaism isn’t the root of Christianity or Islam the root of Sufism, maybe its just that they needed to keep what they had been taught originally, but the end result is still Love.  
organized religion, hmph.  
I love Rumi.  I don’t wanna call it Christianity or Sufism, can we just talk about how love is pretty much the only thing worth worshipping? The only quality I would allow you to attribute to God?  
and I’m tired, not making all that much sense, but I’ve been writing beautiful things.  That always comes to me as the nicest surprise.  

Good skincare techniques

An old woman once told me the secret to looking young at 95

Love Everybody


It’s so simple, really.  Sometimes I wonder why we even need all these religions.  I will start my own:  Throw love around like a contagion.

 As Slug said,   “I’ll make you smile from the simple fact I’m good at it, I’ll make you smile just so I can sit and look at it”

oh and my Muslim friend is trying to get me to convert to Islam… it is very unlikely that I will.  but I told him to get me a copy of the Qur’an in English, and I will certainly discuss it with him.  These are my conceptions of it (of course I have never read it, so who knows how accurate they are):

1.  It says women are inferior to men
2.  talks a lot about killing “infidels”
3.  They can’t eat pork
4.  Jesus was a prophet, not God

I will let you know what I learn.  Should be interesting.