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How I do rewards:

  1.  When I’m planning on going on a trip, I find a rewards card with a huge sign on bonus using the Card Match tool (or Nerd Wallet which I actually use more often).  I pay for the trip with the card, and put ALL my day-to day purchases on it.
  2. Then I use my reward miles when I’m buying my next trip, making it free, or partially free.  (In this case, I’m using my miles I earned paying for my Euro trip to get me a free trip to Ecuador).
  3. I apply for the next card.
  4. I cancel my credit card when the no-fee year is up and I’ve spent all my reward miles (or call and see if they’ll waive the next year’s fee as well).
  5. Repeat!

If you’re gonna do this, write down your sign up date (I just call and ask to make sure), and how much you’re spending because you have to spend a certain amount in 90 days, 60 days, etc. to get the bonus.

Galantis – Runaway (U and I) Gioni Remix

Other Lives

alright. So. Budget traveling.

Just recently bought tickets to Europe.  They were 900 ish round trip from Minneapolis.  Supposedly buying tickets exactly 2 months before departure date will get you the best deal.  But don’t take my word for it, that article I read which I don’t have the link for is probably obsolete now.  GOOGLE.

It’s a good idea to pick countries that are relatively close together (if you want cheap).  This time I’m going to Germany, Italy, and the Czech Republic, all of which are accessible by train and blablacar.

Anyways.  If you’re not picky about where you land and when you go, use Google’s search tool for “flexible dates” and look at the map to see which airports you can get to for cheaper.

But Europe…. Europe is overrated.  EXCEPT If you’re into Salsa and other types of Latin Dancing you can go to a different congress every weekend which does kick it up a notch.  A lot of music / dance related things and of course Tommorowland. You can go other places cheaper and yeah, happier. Spent the best month of my life in Thailand getting tefl certified with TEFL Plus.

Before you begin your life of travel, PLEASE get a travel rewards card… I usually open one, buy stuff, get the sign on bonus, then cancel it after I’ve used my rewards (before the first year with no fees expires). I’m about to use my United Mileage Plus card to get a free trip to Ecuador this fall.

The Points Guy swears by the Card Match tool for choosing a rewards card.

Make sure there’s  a sign on bonus, the huger the better.

Nomadic Matt is also a good website to get this kind of info from. And he will email you responses to your travel questions.
Something to inspire you to hit up a Bachata Congress.

Art and the Evils of Television

My once a year painting has been released! I’m not all that happy with this one. I stupidly dropped a bunch of money on watercolors. Might try to sell em (any takers?). GAH I NEED to stop making stupid purchases.

Sharpie Pen + Qor watercolors


In other news: these articles.  I read a lot of minimalist articles because I’m trying to shift my head toward letting go of “stuff”.  I’m on that path but I want to be more so.

The Single Easiest Habit Change to Improve Your Life Forever

The Myth of Ownership

Getting too used to Night Shifts (it’s 4AM, no sleep)

A mile is a lot farther when you don’t have feet. What did people do before airplanes? I guess horizons meant more. There were some things that were unimaginable.

I know a man without feet. Sometimes he asks the aides to clip his toenails, and then laughs at them. He went to a meeting once (regarding whether he was satisfied with his care). He didn’t talk for those 30 minutes. Just sang. “My liiiiiiitle buckarooooooooooo.” Bitterness//absent, he’s a miracle like the kind that make you believe in God again.

His horizons though. I’ve been more of a caged bird than him (yeah that time I don’t talk about). You can almost never escape yourself, and I’d feel foolish for trying, but then again I used to be in that business, trying as a full time job, no benefits, no retirement plan.

Lately .. Getting these bars to mutate into something though.

Sometimes I can see the sun from here. Sometimes I can hear the clouds.


Too Late

You know if I was born just slightly earlier (just a thousand years or so)… I could have been a mystic instead of labeled bipolar during my manic breakdown.

This is Rumi’s poetry.  Still hits me like my genetics did, Road to Damascus blinding light-blade.  What does it say about you when you evolve and it puts you in the mental hospital?



One of my New Years resolutions was to somehow become comfortable without wearing makeup.

After going without it for my day of travel to Houston I am again reminded why this is so difficult.

BEHOLD! Without makeup, then with (DUH).


You can see my predicament.  Actually sadly this is the best my skin has been in a while.  Which is a good thing, but really skin? THAT’S the best you can do?

Every time one of my roommates sees me without makeup I without fail hear “What happened/is wrong with your face?” Except my current roommate, now that I think about it. So. Moving up in the world.

Gotta remember the old lady who told me, “I don’t care how young I look. Or how old. I’m ME. If you don’t like it, tough shit.”

I use MISSHA B.B. Cream (matte) and in the first and third pictures of the second set I’m wearing Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Damned and A Go-Go, respectively.   Her lipstick lasts FOREVER and If you buy these two colors you can blend them for a nice rich red as well. 😁


Ever since I went to Europe for a couple months that one summer, people have asked me how much it cost me.

I did not keep track of that.

HOWEVER this time I am going to give you the DEFINITIVE step by step guide to traveling cheap to Europe. Some of this won’t apply if you aren’t leaving from the U.S. But a lot of it will. So stay tuned.

Promise that You’ll Never Be Lonely

I do miss the blogger interface.  Huh.  Don’t know if I should crosspost over there or what.  Or if there was any point to moving over to wordpress.



Heading to Houston in a couple days for the Houston Salsa Congress. Wooooohh.  Been working Night shifts which can get surreal in a hurry but mostly I study and chat with whichever old people are having trouble sleeping.


Nowadays I head straight to the sci-fi shelf in the library and let me save you the trouble… this is the only thing I read there lately that was too memorable.  Really a head trip.

dark orbit


hmm anything else?  Oh yeah. This article: How to Declutter Your Super Gross Home…. Which actually pretty well illustrates how my friends feel when I go on and on about minimalism.