Lots of people like to go to Croatia, for waterfalls and whatnot (and beaches!).

I went to Rovinj, Croatia, for a Salsa Festival. The Croatian Summer Salsa Festival  is HUGE.  The dance parties have four different dance floors: Salsa Cubano, LA style, Salsa and Bachata, and Kizombo.  I went by myself.   This proved to be a huge mistake.    

This festival taught me that there are two types of dancers:

1.  Concerned with skill, technique, and perfection.

2.  Don’t think, just joyfully throw their bodies at the music.

Unfortunately I danced with far too many of the type 1 kind.  One dude actually stopped in the middle of the song, stiffly said “Thank You”, and walked off.

A good dancer should make you confident and happy, no matter what your skill level.  I got extremely frustrated because even when I found a really fun wild dancer, there were SO MANY people that chances were I’d never run into them again.  Thousands and thousands.  Overwhelming.  I think it might have been fun if I would have gone with friends, but solo I was just an anonymous face in a huge crowd.  I did learn a lot though, finally mastered the suzy-Q for instance, not sure why it took me so long.


 A crowd of dancers (although the ones actually dancing are sorta far in the back.)

 Coming home at six AM, (because I had to take a boat back to my hotel, and it didn’t start running till six)

Typical street in the town.


I’ve worked my butt off.  Now I’m in the homestretch… about to graduate, about to finally finally travel and dance with no obligations and no classes! badaBING.


And then in December on to India where my boyfriend is!

And then I don’t know what!


working when I need the money! dancing when I have the money! traveling when I can save up enough to go somewhere where the people like to dance! because let’s face it, the only people in fargo who can dance worth anything are the foreigners!


This is why you should have a horrible time in high school.  Karma gives you nice things later. Or you learn how to snatch nice things DIRECTLY OUT OF THE AIR.

I am happy today because I finished a presentation that I was stressed about, which basically means graduation is right around the corner, and I don’t have many assignments left anymore.  And someone interviewed me about the TEFLplus course in Thailand, which pulled up some happy memories.  😀