Life Lessons

1.  The Catholic Church has a lot of money.

2.  Western Europe is basically one huge art gallery (exhibit A: Vienna, exhibit B: Paris)

Vienna:  St. Stephens Church

More Vienna:

 If you see anyone dressed like this, it’s because they want to sell you concert tickets, they are not just a regularly-garbed Viennese citizen out and about.  Also a “fancy-dress party” means a costume party.  (Well why can’t they just say that? heh).

See? I’m telling ya, huge art gallery.

The dude I couchsurfed with in Vienna was really awesome.  I had to wait for him to finish at his work, first at Mcdonalds (got kicked out) and then in the Metro Station (got kicked out of there as well).  I was nearly in tears when he finally found me, at 2 in the morning or so (he wasn’t expecting me till the next night, turns out I requested the wrong day).  He had very limited accommodations so I slept on a mat next to his bed.  Slumber party with a perfect stranger, good thing he was very good at people skills.  When couchsurfing by yourself, you really really REALLY need to make sure your potential hosts have good reviews.  I can’t stress this enough.  If you do, then you should be fine.  Although… I only used couchsurfing a handful of times so what do I know?


cleaning my house because the possible future grandmother of my babies is coming over Sunday… and…. I BOUGHT A VACUUM CLEANER! An expensive one!  I hope it works well or I’ll be sad.  This is something I’ve always wanted: a really nice vacuum cleaner.  I’m overly excited.

This is how I plan a eurotrip… by poorly drawing a map of Europe.