Promise that You’ll Never Be Lonely

I do miss the blogger interface.  Huh.  Don’t know if I should crosspost over there or what.  Or if there was any point to moving over to wordpress.



Heading to Houston in a couple days for the Houston Salsa Congress. Wooooohh.  Been working Night shifts which can get surreal in a hurry but mostly I study and chat with whichever old people are having trouble sleeping.


Nowadays I head straight to the sci-fi shelf in the library and let me save you the trouble… this is the only thing I read there lately that was too memorable.  Really a head trip.

dark orbit


hmm anything else?  Oh yeah. This article: How to Declutter Your Super Gross Home…. Which actually pretty well illustrates how my friends feel when I go on and on about minimalism.

If you feel like acquiring

some calm

I’m writing something.  Lots of fire metaphors.  Maybe that started the night we lit approx. 249 matches and held them, watching them burn out with all the fascination of a child discovering bubble wrap.

It is becoming apparent to me that I have been asking the wrong questions my entire life. So here it is, five years too late.

“Which one of us will forget the other first?”