you got that dangerous love

It blows my mind when I manage to get a good night of dancing in downtown Fargo.  Went hard in the O.B., at the Pickled Parrot, AND got one dollar margaritas in Vinyl Taco (That’s every Friday till midnight I believe).  Also went out with my brother which NEVER happens anymore. 

So’s you know, I’m definitely gonna judge you if you go to the dance floor and just stand there.

And I know you’re just staring at me because you’re too boring to get out there and lose your mind.  BORING.

worst place to meet people: The OB

This dude at the club tried to put his arm around my waist.

I moved away a little bit.

He tried again.

I pushed him away and said “BACK OFF.”

Then he started walking away and said, “you’re ugly anyways.” so I laughed all nasty in his face. HA HA HA (think santa claus, but different vowels).

He was so short I towered over him, which made the situation intensely comical.  Then ten minutes later he got thrown out of the place for fighting.  heh.

Arrogant dudes will never be hot to me. Not ever ever ever.