“Why are you single?”

It’s the million dollar question isn’t it?  Truth be told, I don’t trust anyone enough for a cage. I don’t think I ever could. I want to run when I feel like it.  I want the option to purchase plane tickets on a whim and just go. Anywhere. I don’t want to have to check in with someone, to constantly call, text, skype, etc.  I want to be my own person.

andddd the fact that there are like a MILLION hot new Brazilian students at my university might be having an effect on my lovelife choices too.

I will make MYSELF a sandwich in the glorious kitchen of "I don’t need no man"

A Facts Sheet:  Aggressively Single
Alternative Title: why I won’t date you.

In High School I:

  • had a job as a Certified Nurses Assistant
  • did my own laundry
  • bought my own clothes
  • did my own taxes
When I started college, I received no financial help from my parents.  I still don’t.  Also, my family doesn’t really do presents.  Gum, sometimes. Or when my brother made me Indian street vendor food for my birthday.

When it comes time to win my heart, you cannot do so by spending money on me.  I will become paranoid that you are trying to force me to become dependent on you so that I can’t leave, addicted to the things that you buy for me.
I do not intend to relinquish my independence, not for a very long time.  Men that try to do things for me freak me out.
If I’m being honest, men with money in general freak me out.
I like being single.  I like traveling, and being able to do whatever I want without “checking in” with someone all the time.  
I mean, come on, I’m freaking YOUNG.  Still almost a year away from even being twenty-two, not to mention my passport doesn’t expire for almost a decade.    
Accept that I want to belong to myself. 
Sorry for the rant. Actually, not sorry. That’s what blogs are for.

also here is a good song.