Social Skills 101



(okay unless you’re writing a resume)

There are so many more interesting things to say.  Funny things.  Stupid things.  Clap your hands and bark like a seal for all I care (actually half the time that might even be your best option).

Your parents are the only people who benefit from hearing about your achievements.  As social skills go, this is something you should master.

The mouth that bites

I always wonder about couples who are constantly crabbing at each other. Do they act like that when they are alone?  I want to avoid that rut.

Why do I always think that I will be able to maintain a better relationship than my parents can/could?

Timing is pretty crucial I guess.  All my relationships have lasted less than a year, so clearly I’m not the expert.

So this is a series of haikus I wrote for my creative writing class.  As usual, the title disappoints me but oh well.


do not be afraid
to starve the mouth that bites you
keep your limbs intact

do not feed the wolves
elbows and fists are weapons
that you might not need

treat fear as a guest
that has overstayed all your

when you cannot run
from the clawings of monsters
then you must bite back

things I don’t care about

“being successful” has no appeal to me.  I don’t understand people who want to make it big, to become rich.  ESPECIALLY when it comes to selling things.  Marketing is the last thing I’d ever do.

My friend/acquaintance is trying to sell me on something called vemma or something like that and it’s just so strange.  It’s a terrible thing to make money by taking it from other people in exchange for things they don’t need and probably never even thought about before you got in their faces with advertisements and glowing testimonials.

Vemma sells things. That’s all I caught from what he was telling me. I think it’s the kind of thing where you convince other people to sell it too, and then you make money off them as well.  He really really really wants to talk to me about it on campus tomorrow though so I guess I’ll know more then.

Why not get a job that actually provides a needed service? gah.   I won’t go so far as to say I hate people who chase success, it just mostly creeps me out.

Also there’s a crazy cheap travel deal if you’re thinking of going to Europe, or you’re traveling between countries over there:

Got my round trip ticket to Denmark.. about 600 dollars :D. Of course, now I have to get to New York City anyways so I don’t know how much money I really saved haha.

terms and conditions

do you accept these terms and conditions?

I should have made you
sign a contract

I promise this won’t mean

not even if I’m sober
not even on swingsets at midnight
river walks during floodstage

I promise you I won’t read between
the out-loud

I promise you I won’t give you my best
“let’s still be friends”
like an excuse
a bone thrown to the
most undernourished of dogs

(don’t treat me like
someone who needs
the pleasant lies of

this is not a disguise for

this is indifference
and we can have it


hmmm hmmmmm reading through some of my older poetry and it is VEH HEH HERRY interesting how I used to feel about certain things.

It bothers me that I don’t even remember who I was talking about at certain points.

sometimes the rain is easier to trust than whatever half assed sincerity you’re trying to sell tonight.  what could be less complicated than two hydrogens and an oxygen? Science is honesty.  You? More unpredictable than lightning, and I never stay in the same place long enough to get struck twice.  You’re out.

I can only guess who that was about.


it took decades
to sharpen your spine
into something that
doesn’t crack on the
high notes

now surrounded by
 eight octaves of pain
through the crescendo of a
phone call

(her daughter is in a coma, it would not be
prudent to
stay home
they say


you don’t abandon ship,
leave her to cry alone

you don’t even

I have only developed a few immunities.  It’s mostly that I wince.  I wince and I try not to let anyone see that things still hit me hard, even after being in this job for over half a decade.  I believe in the power of back rubs. I hold hands with old ladies (and old men for that matter) because being alone is shitty.  Falling asleep by yourself, alone, can be downright awful, especially when you aren’t completely sure how long you are going to be around, or who might be there in the morning to help you get up.

Also everyone should watch the netflix original drama “Derek”.  That show is golden.

hashtag clearly attached

man I really missed the early AM’s.  Nothing I’d rather be doing than discussing heaven and hell on the kitchen floor with near strangers and not strangers.

We threw a party.

I miss good talks. So tired of gossip. on and on and on. I need to really really really just talk to someone.  Will make that happen this week.

I feel a bit stagnant.  Oh well, that can’t last forever.  Either I get bored enough to take drastic measures, or I just hold out until I leave for Europe.  (Less than a year!)  I don’t even particularly want to go there if I can’t get Tomorrowland tickets, but I’m sort of locked in to backpack throughout the whole place with my friend. Oh well, it will be fun, even if its not my first choice travel destination.

(Will I be single then?  Do I need to know at this point?)

I can barely imagine having a good reason to not be with him.  Man. being single.  I used to be so comfortable with it, but I don’t know how I could transition back to that.

Rise Up

It’s a crying shame that I have never been in a fight. I am freaking TWENTY ONE years old. At this point it’s almost getting embarrassing.  I’m taking a self defense class this month though, so maybe I’ll have the guts to take on a street harasser next time I’m downtown.  I’ve been reading a lot of comic books lately (Avengers, X-men and Deadpool if you cared to know), which is maybe why I feel like I should be fighting someone in … hand to hand combat!