Aight I’ve been lazy.  It’s been like three months since I left Europe and now I’m leaving for India soon SO. We gonna smush some destinations together.


The only thing you need to know is the walking tour is very boring.
AND.  If you want to meet some locals and dance, go to Bumper. One of my favorite nights of my whole trip was spent there.

The dude on the right was my couchsurf host.  Really awesome Desi, might meet up with him in India too.  The other two are scouses who enjoyed imitating my American accent to much hilarity.  Met lots of interesting characters here.


Cork, Ireland.

I went here for the 2014 Salsa Bonanza.  It turned out to give me hope in European salsa dancers.  The setting was very small and low-key, so that I got to meet and talk with most of the people who were there.  Met this Reiki master who had the most energy of anyone I’ve ever seen.  He was an AMAZING dancer, but he had never had any lessons.

The dancing sessions were ten times better than the ones at the Croatian festival.  Probably because they were ten times smaller.

 European Sensual Bachata Champions…I took classes from them, learned a lot…

This couple taught Kizomba, and their adorable baby would squawk until they picked her up and danced with her in between them.

I am planning to go back to Ireland just for the next festival.  Amazing experience.

I did a walking tour of Cork, that mostly told me Irish people are very superstitious and they have beautiful college campuses.