How easy is it for you to like someone? 

This weekend I’ma meet some people and try and figure out whether I am a judgmental person.

Will they be babies dressed as old people?  Probably not.

I have no desire to go to Europe.  I have no desire to see the Eiffel Tower, to see England…  However I WOULD like to go to Tomorrowland.  Not Europe for the sake of Europe though.  I’d rather do Thailand.

eventually typing over and over again ESCAPE ESCAPE ESCAPE ESCAPE would do just as good as this poetry. oh well..

I’ve been
methodically slicing up my
and tossing them back overboard
since I was old enough
to dream of fish
that are always greener in other
the oil-spilled tide
is rolling in
this place is a
boarded up house
I cannot wait to stumble out of