Protozoa in E Minor


when I could finally bring myself
to look in the mirror
I was more fascinated than shocked
wouldn’t the wolf be surprised to awaken one day
a hare, instead?
while I was sleeping
or perhaps while I was looking in the fridge
a bit of classical music, a slice of leftover
ruthless detachment
the cage turned inside out and
swallowed me up,
deranged-amoeba style
(although it is possible
I had been caught in your snare
all along,
too witless to know the difference)
This is not representative of my life, so don’t get any ideas.  Have you ever seen a “ranged” amoeba?  Mostly I just write all the time in the hopes that I will get better at it.  Also I’m reading the book Nightmares & Dreamscapes by one of the few authors I can stomach these days, master of horror, Stephen King.  I had this song in my head while writing this. 
This is that fresh, that fresh feeling.
(in all honesty I write because I have to.  Oxygen, baby.)