Teaching English

After teaching my class yesterday, my instructor/observer told me he couldn’t find any mistakes in my teaching process.  So I’m insanely proud of myself right now, and so, so happy..  I think I want to teach English in Japan. Of course, I’m basing this solely off the fact that my Japanese students I taught last week are so crazyawesome.

I love teaching.  I always thought maybe I’d be bad at it, but now that I know I’ll do fine, the world is my freakin’ oyster.

Every other night here is a going away party as we all slowly drift homewards or on to new travels.  I leave Sunday.  Can’t wait to be back, can’t stand to leave.

Part of a sample lesson plan : (the fun, drawing part)

 Koh Phi Phi!  Paradise

I love watching the sunset in Patong… everywhere else it seems so violent, but here it’s golden and soft.  All the little mermaid babies (i.e. children) frolic in the waves and it may be the most picturesque thing I’ve seen.


went to Phi Phi this weekend.  The island culture is so laid back and chill.  The Thai natives are awesome, (I taught a fire-dancer how to swing-dance!) The beaches are cinematic… all white sand and turquoise water. I wish I had pictures to show you, but I’m going back next weekend and won’t be so stupid as to leave my camera at home this time. I heard this song there, and kept screaming at my Spanish friend to tell me the lyrics,  somehow I still managed to find it despite only writing down “caliente” and “calor”.

I haven’t done my lesson plan for today, but I’m not teaching till the afternoon so I’ll just work on it during other people’s teaching sessions and during my prep session and lunch break. :/ cutting it close…