a letter from my father

Dear Daughter,
            As per your permission I shared your poem with Bruce.  He was very impressed.  He showed it to a whole bunch of administrators at a meeting he had in Minnesota last week and gave a fine testimonial of your work as a CNA.  He  did not pass it out in a format that anyone could copy or use, even though everyone there was moved to tears and wanted to have a copy.  He didn’t want to give it out and then never for you to get credit as the author like the “footprints in the sand” poem.  He will contact you shortly by e-mail to ask permission to share it (and give you credit of course).  It could lead to something big, eventually.  Like maybe CNA of the year or something.  It is a good poem and it speaks volumes with few words.  Start practicing your acceptance speech for CNA of the year.  Don’t thank everyone you know in your speech.  Instead, just tell funny stories about working with the elderly.  I’m sending this letter from my work e-mail account.
umgsh.  this is so exciting!
I can’t remember if I already posted the poem, I will check.