systemas feos

“The incident in Oklahoma [in which members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity were caught on tape uttering racist chants], that is a real argument for getting rid of the system altogether, in my opinion, even having been through a fraternity. Because when you break it down, it really is about creating cliques and clubs and being exclusionary. Fraternities were started as academic societies that were supposed to have a philanthropic arm to them.”

—comedian and movie star Will Ferrell

I never thought I would identify so strongly with Will Ferrell, but I feel him so hard on this subject.

The worst decision I made in college was joining a sorority.

The best decision I made was quitting it.

Sororities and Fraternities (whatever else they may do or good or bad) create an in-group, which in turn creates an out-group at the same time.  When I was in a sorority I spent most of my time with my “sisters”.  I had very few friends outside of the Greek system at NDSU.

We had a bunch of chants about how awesome we were… and some songs about how sh*tty the other sororities  were.

I hate things that create an us-them mentality.  Hate them hate them hate them.  I hate Americans who don’t like foreigners.  Also I hated being in the cage that Greek Life is… all your friends are rich white people. ick.  Also I didn’t have enough money for that nonsense.

Something I don’t hate:  Duolingo.  It’s really really really helpful for learning languages. Y’all should try it.

Fargo life

One thing:  “You have a great personality” is not a valid pickup line if you don’t actually know me.     For real,  the men of Fargo need to get some better lines.   During these two minute interactions, you see a combination of what you want to see and what I want you to see.

Certain brands of confidence freak me out.   It’s the predatory arrogance I can’t handle.  It’s all because of a little book called Rose Madder by Stephen King. After reading this book I became very frightened of men who are too sure of themselves.  (did you know you can download this book as a pdf?? I didn’t either:

And okay, I’ll be honest.  I REALLY like being fed lines. I love being told that my smile is “radiant”  and “lights up a room”.  but come on.  I know you’ve given this crap to a million other girls and I’m not going to fall for you that easily…  I will however sit there with a big grin on my face consuming your flattery like a huge slice of apple pie. 

Tonight I am dancing to a Bollywood song in front of a huge crowd of people. annnnnd I’m still nervous as anything so pardon me while I go practice.