Slow the pace down

Know who you are.  Loving, kind.  Never want to see anyone suffer… a force for good in this world.

Christ energy.  Why do you suppose he was the first or the last emissary?

You are where you are.  It’s exactly the right place.

Want to hear you say the thing that is so pure because it’s so true.  Love is truth, truth is love.

Kindness is what puts them together.


worst way

heavy coat of senses deaden

escape from/escape to
neurons are Saturn’s rings or
the 24 hour bus route

airport to the church to
the airport to the

you never had a flight to catch.
or funeral

or wedding.

waiting disguised as movement,
step off.


the sky is

The ground holds you like a mother.

I’ll tell you what this is about.  The way my rabbit brain cycles and never lets my thoughts step off the bus.  Except last night I felt the spaces in between thoughts (I guess I was trying to meditate or something).  Should probably do that regularly, the sky is really nice.

Oh. So they removed the 10 year bar on my fiancé… We (or, he) have the interview on Friday.  If this doesn’t go through… eff it I’ll just move to India.