hmemaslgkj(do we really need titles all the time?)

In two days I’ll be in the Dominican Republic.   I’ll be studying at Instituto Intercultural del Caribe (IIC) in Santo Domingo.  Spanish in the mornings and dance class in the afternoon.


Going somewhere completely solo is a bit scary.

(But not that much).

Arjun looks like such a tool I swear… but I love his songs.

“forgive them. forgive yourself.
it was never love
love doesn’t cripple. it doesn’t taunt or torture the tongue. love doesn’t have you bent at the waist but forgetting to pray. bleeding like an oak tree. it doesn’t have you sleeping with the lights on, or hiding from any surface clear and shiny enough to see yourself in.
it was never love darling.
i am sorry”

— najma-idil

After a while, being alone in a foreign country gets exhausting.  I feel like I need someone I can trust in close proximity to me.  I wonder if it’s the same for men… obviously the world just isn’t as dangerous for them.  Why would they need anyone “safe” around them?

After hanging out with my Desi friends I kept accidentally speaking Hindi to everyone.  They say I speak it like I’ve been living in India for five years but eh.. think I’m gonna have to call b.s. on that.  Mostly because I understand about 3% or less when Indians speak Hindi.


Refusing to dance is like a bird refusing to fly.  Never understood why you feel the need to pretend you are a penguin instead of a falcon, but this is Respect Your Feet 101 and tonight you are going to realize why the word “move” was invented in the first place.  Don’t let your wings regress to shoulderblades, dormancy (from the Latin root dormire, meaning to sleep) is the one thing you must never accept from yourself. Wake up.  Lose sleep, lose your inhibitions, but never lose your rhythm.  All horizontal surfaces are renamed dance floors until further notice.   I swear I fall half in love every time the bass kicks in.

The dance floor is my temple, the DJ is my priest, and this?

This is my altar call so don’t make me beg you.

Bust it.

Wanna be my chammak challo?  
I was dancing some Bhangra moves downtown (at a club that does not play Hindi music, I might add) last night, and some random dude says to my back, “Zumba!”
I turn around and say, “naw man.. Indians!”
I realize now that he was probably confused.   hashtag don’t care. hashtag dancing completely sober.  hashtag born drunk so have no need for alcohol.