There are two types of people

the stayers, and the go-ers

my brother once took a girl out for sushi, and she said “I only eat American food”

a stayer, a straight. up. stayer.  I told him to drop her IMMEDIATELY because stayers are just not good for go-ers.  I mean, come on..

you really wanna die here? 

among the wheat fields and racist hicks? NO THANK YOU.  I’m sorry I’m always hating on North Dakota… but that’s because I pretty much hate it.  well, to be fair… sometimes I don’t. 

Two short things:

harder than an
harder than a
fifth of vodka

yours absolutely
floors me
you tell me:
don’t just curl up
in the darkness and
if you’ve run out of
why not light the
entire cake on fire?

(there are two more parts to this, but sometimes less is more, ya know?  I will maybe post the full poem in a few days)