I really need to get skinny before Tomorrowland comes around.

Because… yes. I have tickets.

They are rich kid tickets though, not the tent ones for camping out 😦  Which is sad because I’d rather camp than be around kids who got there with daddies money.  Oh well.  I can hang out with rich kids too.  At least it’s 18 plus so there will be no babies there.

I worked hard for this.  I work all the time.  I don’t care that I just blew a bunch of money… this is going to be so worth it.  I cannot wait to dance,    LKGORIJLKJGOWIJLKJWG.

Anyone out there traveling solo and want to hang out with me? Or traveling not solo?  

hashtag clearly attached

man I really missed the early AM’s.  Nothing I’d rather be doing than discussing heaven and hell on the kitchen floor with near strangers and not strangers.

We threw a party.

I miss good talks. So tired of gossip. on and on and on. I need to really really really just talk to someone.  Will make that happen this week.

I feel a bit stagnant.  Oh well, that can’t last forever.  Either I get bored enough to take drastic measures, or I just hold out until I leave for Europe.  (Less than a year!)  I don’t even particularly want to go there if I can’t get Tomorrowland tickets, but I’m sort of locked in to backpack throughout the whole place with my friend. Oh well, it will be fun, even if its not my first choice travel destination.

(Will I be single then?  Do I need to know at this point?)

I can barely imagine having a good reason to not be with him.  Man. being single.  I used to be so comfortable with it, but I don’t know how I could transition back to that.