funny how life hits you hard.  While staring at a hospital bill for 60,000 dollars I can’t help but think

(this is not where I thought I’d be)

mostly I just wanna toss out my past, throw it all away, leave leave leave.
I feel sick tonight.  Earlier I felt great.  It’s like my stomach has to rebel against all the happiness I was feeling earlier, can’t let me just FEEL GOOD for once.

meh.  I was feeling all hopeful and excited for the future and whatnot too.
now I just feel awful. 

okay enough complaining.  tomorrow is another day and I WILL feel better.

I freaking hope so.


I’m taking my meds and all, and I’m not as hyped up, which could be a good thing (some would say a VERY good thing) but my blog posts are probably about to get way less interesting.  I have a nice $58,000 hospital bill to attempt to pay off.   It’s a stressful thing, being an adult.  I wish this would have happened when I was younger and still on my parents’ health insurance.