Tuesday Free Stuff

I recently found a coupon for this thing called “graze”.  Basically the company sends you snacks based on your taste preferences.  I was just going to use the coupon to get a free box and then quit, but when I tried to cancel my subscription they gave me another half off my next box so I’ll keep the service around one more week heheheh. (Not sure if I played them, or they played me, but the snacks are good so oh well).

Check it out at graze.com (two free boxes with code AMYB96K3B)

OTHER FREE STUFF I CAN OFFER YOU.  These three things are what I use all the time while traveling.  I can’t even imagine not having these apps at my beck and call.

Taxi Services:

Uber  Use this code for $15 off your first ride : amyb1731

Lyft  Use this code for $20 (I believe) off first ride: AMY464498

ANNNND my last offer is for $20 off for travel with airbnb with this link (click through the actual link for the discount):  airbnb.com

Also this song.  Which is also free.


over and over and over again

Hmmmm well not much is happening.  Been working.  Starting to be around old people so much that I feel like I am one. 

I hold a lot of tension and I get angry easily.  Well I hope that’s only true for lately, and not for always.  How can I just… just not get pissed off?

It’s like I’m constantly in go-mode.  I can’t remember the last time I was just sitting there, nothing to do.   And if something stops me I freak out.

Is that healthy?  I’m too busy to find out.  I always thought that I feel better the more productive I am. 

Actually considering going on an internet fast.  The problem is there are certain things I feel like I need the internet for (such as checking windspeed before I bike to work so I know how early I need to leave).  Then after checking the weather I get sucked in to a vortex of clickbaits.

I want to simplify my life.

On a different note:

If you’re not using airbnb you should be.   Aaaaaand please let me know if you do as I can give you some money off your first stay. We stayed in this crazy aging hippie’s wagon.  Awesome.

 The wagon is lined with books.  Found Hafiz poetry.  Was happy.

 There was cognac… apparently it lasted through like 60 guests, but then the last guest just decided to drink it all hahahaha. none left for us.