The Magician’s Assistant

If you have to make a choice between doing something and not doing something, always ALWAYS do it.  I’ve never regretted seizing an experience, even if it cost me something.  It’s good for you to be nervous, and overcome it.  You don’t have to wait to do something until your friends will do it with you.

Live music is always worth the money.  Experiencing a wholly different country than the one you were brought up in is always worth the money.

This doesn’t count when you’re buying material objects, clothing, a new blender, Persian rugs.  If you’re not sure if you want it or not, it means you don’t.

This is how I saved enough money to travel Europe for two months (solo for one month), and to make sure I enjoyed my time there to the fullest.

It’s our one year anniversary today.  Heading to India in a few months to see him.  Can’t believe I managed to make it to a year with anyone actually, especially given we’ve  been apart more than we’ve been together.   It helps that he doesn’t try to keep me on a leash.  Encouraged me to travel to Europe, encourages me to go out dancing because he knows that’s what makes me happy.  I’m so lucky to have him.

Heard this song in Serbia.  Vance Joy – Riptide.  His debut album (available this September) is called “God Loves You When You’re Dancing”, which I personally think is a remarkably relevant title.

I know what you’re thinking when the bass starts…

I always feel  like I’m missing out.  Have to spend the whole day in the library doing research for a final paper, and people are DOING THINGS.  I should be doing things too.  Research isn’t a real thing.  I’m here alone and I should be conversing with people.  I haven’t had a real conversation in a long time.  Every time anyone tries to talk to me I just… “I’m GRADUATING IN TWO WEEKS.”  That’s all I can say, like a zombie on autopilot, that is the only thought in my head. eesh.  So anyways, I felt like missing out so I bought tickets to Exit Festival in Serbia and I’m pretty pumped about that.

Also this song is catchy despite being one of those meaningless pop songs that nevertheless had us dancing on imaginary tabletops…


cleaning my house because the possible future grandmother of my babies is coming over Sunday… and…. I BOUGHT A VACUUM CLEANER! An expensive one!  I hope it works well or I’ll be sad.  This is something I’ve always wanted: a really nice vacuum cleaner.  I’m overly excited.

This is how I plan a eurotrip… by poorly drawing a map of Europe.