C’est une transe exquise

why reach for
stars when their
drunken light
stumbles to
us anyway?
maybe a little
late, but eventually…

it doesn’t dim
their shine to
know stars may
not exist any
more, because
(for a time at
least) light was
all we had, to
feast on, and bathe
in, and leave behind
for grey and black
and all those words
we couldn’t take


Bridge to anywhere/nowhere


at this point
you probably
know this one
is about you

because really
what else would
i have on my

surely not changing
topics or fresh
headlines that
soon rot, like

strobe light eyes
brilliant in their
subtlety pull
me closer to
the spaces i cant
wait to occupy

and you’re so
clever you could
trick me into
revealing the things
i’d rather keep kept
away, for now

intrepid minds
can build a bridge
to anywhere


uh.  yeah 🙂


It’s crazy how you can find a kindred spirit in someone from such a COMPLETELY different culture. 

I don’t really know what I’m saying.  Just…. the world, you know?  These people look so different on the surface, and when you remove the veil, our souls are the same exact color.

Sometimes you just..
sometimes you just find someone.   English needs a word for that.




I got a daily deviation.

what. the.


I can only express myself with a keyboard dance


here is the poem that got it:

I Mean to Get You Alone

You have sharp
pulse-elevating teeth
the stuff I imagine heart attacks
are made of

I’m bent on selling you a handful of smiles
specifically crafted
to distract you from the fact that
I have almost nothing to say

and now you’re steering this conversation
in a direction that suggests you’ve

forgotten that I
don’t watch movies or do much of
anything but work which maybe

explains why one glass of wine gets me
wrapped around you
car to streetlight
crash style
mangled limbs
breeding curious onlookers and my insurance has

you’re leaning in and all I can think is
I don’t have insurance

okay well I’m sorry this was pretty narcissistic.  here have a song.