When considering alcohol, I look to Jesus

There are so few people who have ever seen me drink, (it’s sort of my “thing,” sobriety) but some nights with that cheap five dollar wine, I do.  Sometimes there are people worth getting dizzy for.  I believe that.  I wonder if any women were allowed to drink with Jesus.

My head feels heavy enough to let me fall asleep effortlessly.  In less than thirty hours I’ll be on an airplane.

good good good.  Cooked some awesome quinoa burgers with beautiful people.  Fun fact: Yellowtail Moscato is only 5 dollars a bottle and it is FLAT OUT DELICIOUS.   Hence why I am not completely sober right now.

good thoughts, all over the place, goodnight.

sloppy love-poem hammered

what is WITH these poems???  mek;ladskd.  people coming to my house. several that I have a crush on, which could make for an interesting night of Shakespearean proportions.  The comedy! the drama!

 well I could have been
in love
but there is a
distinct possibility

I was just intoxicated

I’m always getting drunk
on things that
aren’t alcohol

metaphorically sloshed on
the snow, the rain,
frank sinatra songs

I got smashed on a swing-set
you know
limbs furiously
stabbing the sky
screaming into the

the way you believe
you can fly
for an infinite split-second

that night it was you

hits harder than an
harder than a
fifth of vodka

yours absolutely
floors me