no better time than now


laughter as a funhouse mirror
the madness in me recognizes the madness in you.

fucked up world,
reflecting it and each other in
sound and syllable

praise to the God of the apocalypse,
the God of poverty

vocal chorded scorch-earth happy
I know you in the conflagration

(my first friend in the asylum)

take away my power until I kick you in the
till I leave hand shaped bruises we exclaim over tomorrow

and on the third day the sun created himself created the moon created herself

dancing in the pitch dark
wet paint colorless
illusions and feints

this is not soft intimacy

not when I can see your teeth



The sunrise comes after endless years of night.

I don’t know how many eternities I can wait to be with you again.  I want to slice out this parasite of want and need until I am my own again.  Not the moon reflecting the sun until she is seen. My heart betrays my head through fault of your eyes.  Mirrors too clear.

I see you.

Halfway wish I could cut this sight out too. Self-blinded to the kind of love that locks you out of paradise.

Always getting kicked out of the garden.

I offered you (am offering, will offer) the apple.

You’ve said yes every time.


you’re always gonna owe me for this

to give you what you thought you wanted
I had to suppress myself.

experience ambiguous/
elevator music of the soul

no spark, no fire
limbs corpsed

I love you enough for this.

when you tell someone they can have
anything [except]

they will head straight for the
tree in the center of the

face dripping,
hands shaking,
triumph staining their teeth like