just back on that rabbit trail

Oh.. so you’re afraid of us now? The way we’ve been afraid of you for the last 2 thousand? Cool. It feels good to be feared instead of raped.
I would never falsely accuse anyone nor do I condone it. But it feels good to be feared, regardless. Maybe y’all will stop yelling at us on the street if we respond by snarling and baring our teeth.

(found in my storage bin)


if you aren’t falling
you haven’t pushed yourself
to the edge

build your house on the
side of a cliff
because it’s the only way
the ocean
smells like

close enough if you’re
close enough to break me

want to fall bent necked and
bloody footed
teeth sunk into dandelions

atmosphere through a straw
taste the moon,
eat the sun.

I wanna stare God in the face

and translate her spine

something unambiguous.

tell me yes no maybe

you said I can’t take shortcuts to enlightenment, and this manic episode is like daily taking those kinda drugs, the ones the hippies take.

I say I don’t know.


I still don’t know what I’m on.  But it feels real so I’ma keep riding this wave.






I dance the rainwashed

the poetry of
a mad god, alive and

you are frightened by my
rabid eggshell heart,

by the way I
inhabit heaven and hell
nearly simultaneously
half light, half anguish.

asleep, you dream of setting fire to
airplanes, killing a legion of
those slicing sky-birds

I am barefoot and knocking for
your voice.

do not refuse me.


Dedicated to everyone who’s boundaries I violated while manic. You know i love you boo.