LB CA Future.

So I have made the executive decision to attend a three day program in Long Beach California, to become a salsa instructor.  (LINK HERE) It’s only three days which SEEMS like it won’t be long enough.  They also have a three month program for salsa intensive training, which I may want to do in the future.  (Kinda scared about spending the money for three months of living in Long Beach.  Maybe I could find a job there?)

I would love to find a dancing partner to perform with, but I do worry about jealousy issues… I mean you have to dance with the same person and find chemistry on the daily.

SO! As a solution I have decided to only seek out gay men for partners.  That way my boyfriend won’t get jealous, and will feel comfortable with my future-of-dance.  DanceFuture. 


 One of my (sort of very confused, but very awesome) old ladies gave me a huge pep talk the other night, she just looked right at me and said, “Look I know I’m too old to be your  mentor… I wish I was younger… but you have to realize that you are going to do great things.  And I know you don’t believe you can do it, but you CAN, and you need to get out there and DO THINGS.

So I just bought this three day course thing.  And I think I will also do the three month course within the next two years at some point.

Oh and I’m performing at the nursing home next weekend too. woooooh.


hmemaslgkj(do we really need titles all the time?)

In two days I’ll be in the Dominican Republic.   I’ll be studying at Instituto Intercultural del Caribe (IIC) in Santo Domingo.  Spanish in the mornings and dance class in the afternoon.


Going somewhere completely solo is a bit scary.

(But not that much).

Arjun looks like such a tool I swear… but I love his songs.


Refusing to dance is like a bird refusing to fly.  Never understood why you feel the need to pretend you are a penguin instead of a falcon, but this is Respect Your Feet 101 and tonight you are going to realize why the word “move” was invented in the first place.  Don’t let your wings regress to shoulderblades, dormancy (from the Latin root dormire, meaning to sleep) is the one thing you must never accept from yourself. Wake up.  Lose sleep, lose your inhibitions, but never lose your rhythm.  All horizontal surfaces are renamed dance floors until further notice.   I swear I fall half in love every time the bass kicks in.

The dance floor is my temple, the DJ is my priest, and this?

This is my altar call so don’t make me beg you.

Bust it.

Wanna be my chammak challo?  
I was dancing some Bhangra moves downtown (at a club that does not play Hindi music, I might add) last night, and some random dude says to my back, “Zumba!”
I turn around and say, “naw man.. Indians!”
I realize now that he was probably confused.   hashtag don’t care. hashtag dancing completely sober.  hashtag born drunk so have no need for alcohol.

love this song.  Uff teri adaa.  also I’m in love with the hookah bar, but hookah smoke gets me too dizzy, so after a while I just eat smoke rings.  That is probably the only smoke related skill I have.  The ability to consume smoke rings.  I can’t even make them. It’s like someone who can’t cook, just eat (which actually, is pretty much me, too)  anyways. a good song.