It’s like… okay:

So when my brother was very young my parents would give him crushed up ice-chips and tell him it was ice-cream, while they had their sundaes or whatever.  I’m actually not sure why. Cheapskateism? Sadism? Health concerns?

“Ice-cream!  Get ice-cream!” He loved that crap.  Didn’t know the difference.  Until one day an uncle or grandmother or someone gave him REAL ice-cream.  And the jig was up.

Now he’s never said he was mad about this.  I guess he just devoured the ice-cream with confusion?  Or unbridled joy?  Obviously he would never be satisfied with crushed up ice again.

Anyways what I’m trying to say is it’s been 21 years of ice-chips before I met you.

I can’t explain to anyone why I’m still with you through all this.  People think you were just my first longterm/serious relationship, and now I’m  trapped in that.  There is something you have that I can’t label.  Something you have that other people just don’t.  Almost no one.

And okay it’s gonna be hard.  Explaining to my entire extended family that you aren’t a Christian, (cue the horrified glances when I’m looking the other way) and that yes, I intend to kick it on the daily, forever, with you.

But I can’t imagine it won’t be worth it.

Italian music


Italy was a whirlwind… we went through 6 or so cities… in just one week. This is a terrible way to travel.  I’d much rather stick to one place for a while.  Also we didn’t always know how to spend our time, so a lot of it was just wandering around (not a bad pastime either).

This country is one of the worst for getting around as an English-speaking foreigner.  They will pretend like they speak English but then give you directions in Italian.  I’ve never really had to experience this, but it’s nice to know the whole world doesn’t speak English.  Because that would be boring.

For some reason Italians have very intense dinner hours.. You can’t just pop into a restaurant at any time in the day.  Chances are it won’t be open before seven or eight in the evening.

Most pointless city:  Pisa.  We were supposed to be here three days but we wigged out early and went to Florence instead.

Most interesting city:  Bologna.  (Be sure to get someone to tell you about the seven secrets of Bologna!)

Most beautiful city: Firenze (or Florence).  Of course!

 The tower is on the right.. I did NOT want a picture of it, or even to go look at it (cliche to the max) but it’s almost the only memorable thing about Pisa. Watching other tourists take pictures of it is pretty hilarious though.

 The river looks pretty nasty in the day, but at night it’s a choice spot to sit with a bottle of wine and talk.

Fully packed! My bag didn’t really weigh that much, but I really wish I would have had one with good chest and waist straps.. Also I could have packed about half of what I ended up taking.  Next time…

 Italy is a network of alleys mostly.  This was taken in Florence.

 Florence, The Duomo.

About to roll out of Florence.


cleaning my house because the possible future grandmother of my babies is coming over Sunday… and…. I BOUGHT A VACUUM CLEANER! An expensive one!  I hope it works well or I’ll be sad.  This is something I’ve always wanted: a really nice vacuum cleaner.  I’m overly excited.

This is how I plan a eurotrip… by poorly drawing a map of Europe.