tryna get together some spoken word for my Creative Writing class. I hate speaking in front of people.  My voice is manly and shaky. I hate how I sound.  anyways here’s an excerpt.

the windows are shut.

what is an ending?
spilled milk, broken cage,
something sharp and blood covered

the answer to whether you can remember the yellow house and forget the ashes
or dress yourself in charred lampshade indefinitely.

I woke up to watch you drink directly from the sun and now
I am begging you to run away with me.

scatter yourself into dandelion chunks, drift somewhere

winter was a mutual drowning,
 where the wailing claw of reality
has left a crust on the rim of every champagne glass.

This was an expensive year for both of us.
the future stumbles indoors and cannot recognize his own brilliance
the past gave us teeth and
when he comes knocking,
prepare to bite down.