I got a daily deviation.

what. the.


I can only express myself with a keyboard dance


here is the poem that got it:

I Mean to Get You Alone

You have sharp
pulse-elevating teeth
the stuff I imagine heart attacks
are made of

I’m bent on selling you a handful of smiles
specifically crafted
to distract you from the fact that
I have almost nothing to say

and now you’re steering this conversation
in a direction that suggests you’ve

forgotten that I
don’t watch movies or do much of
anything but work which maybe

explains why one glass of wine gets me
wrapped around you
car to streetlight
crash style
mangled limbs
breeding curious onlookers and my insurance has

you’re leaning in and all I can think is
I don’t have insurance

okay well I’m sorry this was pretty narcissistic.  here have a song.