Denmark and a few

choice words about . From what I can tell, if you are solo traveling as a woman the men you stay with will probably try to get it, but in my case at least, they always backed off when they realized I wasn’t into it.

Now I realize I only stayed with two people when I was by myself, an Indian in Denmark and a Viennese dude in Austria, but it happened both times.  So I guess you need to ask yourself if twice makes a pattern, and for me it definitely does.  

Actually European men in general were very easy to friendzone.. I never had to explicitly say “BACK OFF” because they could always read the signs, which is important considering I was attending Salsa/Bachata congresses and music festivals by myself.  And even when they realized I had a boyfriend, they didn’t recoil in horror, just carried on being my friend.  Love that.


Denmark pictures.  As my first destination was Copenhagen, I had no idea what to do, how I wanted to spend my time, so I just sort of wandered around the city.

 Above and below are pictures inside Christiansborg Palace.

 One thing I love about European cities are all the people performing in the street.

City center shot.

Thoughts on Copenhagen, Denmark:

Too expensive
Everyone CAN speak English, but they start out with Danish because it’s rude to assume you’re a foreigner.
To blend in, dress in many many black layers. (and be a tall blonde woman).
It’s cold. Hence the layers.

I really didn’t do much here.  I don’t think I really understood how to experience a city.  Also it unnerved me how expensive everything was..


cleaning my house because the possible future grandmother of my babies is coming over Sunday… and…. I BOUGHT A VACUUM CLEANER! An expensive one!  I hope it works well or I’ll be sad.  This is something I’ve always wanted: a really nice vacuum cleaner.  I’m overly excited.

This is how I plan a eurotrip… by poorly drawing a map of Europe.