live it up until you remember what living is

 I’m all out of Atmosphere lyrics so I threw a different title on here.
Salsa, Rice, Moshpits, and the Love I have for your Soundproof Basement
There is something splendid about
a Peruvian man leaving the rice to burn
because he is unable to keep himself
from dancing
when a good Salsa song comes on
there is something exquisite and wild about a woman
eyes closed
paying uncontrollable obeisance to the rhythm
thrilling to the beat
waxing and waning to the sound waves
there is something gorgeous about the
the movements that occur in synchronization with the vibrations
the blurring of the line between sound and limb’s poetry
fantasia’s demise comes softly, unanticipated
followed by dazed wakefulness
surprised to see walls and ceiling
surprised to be alive in
only three dimensions
If you haven’t figured this out I love dancing more than most things.  And this is the only good thing I’ve written in a while.