que lo que pasa aqui?

So my dance instructor tried to get it today.  We were dancing and he’s getting closer and closer… the wall is behind me… I had to physically shove him away.  He later apologized for behaving “unprofessionally”.    I know he has a girlfriend.  He doesn’t know that I know that apparently.


I guess I need to have our lessons somewhere more public.  My mom is all “YOU NEED TO STOP LESSONS NOW.  but I don’t know. I’m leaving anyways soon.  And I’m really good at rejecting people (thanks to the OB).

Maybe I should just bring up his girlfriend in casual conversation.  I’ve  been the other woman before, unknowingly, and it freaking sucked.  I would never ever do that in cold blood.   At least he didn’t push it.

But South Americans you know?  I wanna say they all cheat, because that’s all I freaking see.  I’m sure there’s gotta be some that don’t  but where the heck are they?  I guess you don’t come to America to be chaste and faithful.  ugh.