Ridiculous how much I find myself learning once I actually am done with university and can get into what I’m really interested in.

  • Learn/Relearn what I’ve forgotten about  Hindi (have a lesson this Friday)
  • Improve my Spanish (uhhhhh been lazy on that one).
  • Learn how to lead Salsa (On1 for now, On2’s gonna be a challenge)
  • Become an Intermediate Hip Hop Dancer BECAAAAAUSE (DRUMROLL)

My friend and I (or at LEAST I, considering I’ve rarely been able to get at people for travel commitments)

are going to Urban Dance Camp Summer 2016.


It’s in Lörrach, Germany and HELLA expensive, but I think I need this.  yuh. I’ve decided not to travel anywhere unless I can dance on the regular in a studio.  (Or salsa congresses/ whate’)


trying desperately to make my apartment look put-together.  Stumbling through all my boxes and various treasures that I packed up over two months ago..

You: the room I run to during
tornado warnings,

highest point during
flood season,

the bloodbank
I frequent after


I am a  river slow-winding its way to the

your lips taste of