Bridge to anywhere/nowhere

at this point
you probably
know this one
is about you

because really
what else would
i have on my

surely not changing
topics or fresh
headlines that
soon rot, like

strobe light eyes
brilliant in their
subtlety pull
me closer to
the spaces i cant
wait to occupy

and you’re so
clever you could
trick me into
revealing the things
i’d rather keep kept
away, for now

intrepid minds
can build a bridge
to anywhere


uh.  yeah 🙂

It’s crazy how you can find a kindred spirit in someone from such a COMPLETELY different culture. 

I don’t really know what I’m saying.  Just…. the world, you know?  These people look so different on the surface, and when you remove the veil, our souls are the same exact color.

Sometimes you just..
sometimes you just find someone.   English needs a word for that.