People still use the N word in gas stations.

I’m so tired of seeing this “All Lives Matter” crap.  No one is yelling at breast cancer awareness advocates, insisting that they include lung cancer as well.

Anyways in Germany, students are forced to look in-depth at the Holocaust.  They have to read the Diary of Anne Frank (every year according to one German woman I talked to) in school.

What did I learn about America’s past in school?  I learned that we celebrate Columbus day.  The original illegal immigrant.

We brush slavery under the rug.

We pretend that we’re all equal now, with equal opportunity.

I get so tired of this.

NPR has a fantastic article on this subject  here.

Educate yourself.

Also someone called my coworker a N**** in the gas station.  It’s 2105 ladies and gents.


Here’s some Kizomba music.  Heard it at the Salsa Explosion in Minneapolis.