Let other people educate you

If I see ONE MORE POST about how we must “keep refugees out to keep our families safe” I will LOSE IT.

This world is an awful, cruel place.

Lets try to make it less so.

Read this:  here

Also an exerpt from this status:

“When I was a kid I used to wonder why we let the Holocaust happen. Why we refused to allow Jewish refugees to come to America. But over the years I learned. When a Kuwaiti refugee family moved in down the street from me in middle school, I heard neighbors call the father a towelhead and a sandnigger, and I discovered that people were sometimes mean to people who were different. A couple of years ago, when desperate children came streaming across the border in search of a better life, I heard people call them vermin who would bring us diseases–and I discovered that some people can look at hungry children and see a problem that’s not quite a human being. 

And now, when there are Syrian refugees in one of the worst humanitarian crises I have ever seen, I am discovering that some people are letting fear rule over all common sense or love. This is the simplest case of WWJD that I have ever seen, and we are all failing it utterly. So, 10-year-old Heather, that’s how we let a Holocaust happen: we look at a group of people in need and we sneer at them for being too different, we dehumanize them, and we fear the possibility that they could hurt us. By, oh, I don’t know. Shooting up a movie theatre. Or an elementary school. Or a college campus. Or a government building in Oklahoma. Something like that. And then we pick and choose Bible verses and tell ourselves it’s smart to defend your family from evil. We skip the ones about loving our neighbor and not living in a spirit of fear.”