doing it right.

Friday night means dancing.  Can’t be mad about Fargo’s sub-par dancing scene because in Iran dancing is illegal.  You gotta lock your doors for that business.

I no longer believe in spontaneous combustion. You want your world on fire, gotta strike that match yourself.  This is the summer of gasoline.

also this video. IS. my favorite. that is all.

It doesn’t happen every day

new daft punk tunes coming out soon…

This is amazing. In case the link gets broken this is Instant Crush by Daft Punk



some people are frightened by
things bright enough
to blind them

and you,
with the radioactive

when you greet someone
at five in the afternoon

let the stunned
“good morning” of a reply
remind you

how it feels to be
mistaken for the

I don’t like the title, I may change it later.