Tristam – My Friend

Getting excited to go to LA.

Slightly concerned about dressing for the nightlife.  As I am from North Dakota.  And I’ve never been to LA before.


Reading a Kim Jong-Il production by Paul Fischer and it is incredibly fascinating.  Anyone interested in North Korea and exactly what the heck is happening over there should take a look.  I have to wonder where the author got all his information actually.


Coming to Terms with my Status as a Drifter

With my recent purchase of an air mattress, I officially am able to fit all my possessions in my Buick ’92.    Almost four years ago when I had my mental breakdown I got rid of SO MANY THINGS and then it was crazy and a symptom of mania.

But now when I do it, it’s normal, and a symptom of my commitment to minimalism.

“Normal”.  Huh.  Anyways my year-long no-new-clothes ban is going well.  Had to buy new shoes for work, but that’s allowed.    Haven’t cheated since I got a  hat and tank top from Minneapolis consignment store gina + will, which was over a month ago.    Regret the hat, but the tank top is black and simple and therefore I’ve been using it every weekend or so.

Two days until our two year anniversary.  More than half of that has been long-distance.

Might have to move there.  I’m so tired of the loneliness.

Have been feeling scattered, perhaps because I have been preparing to be perpetually homeless as of yesterday.  Maybe also because the majority of my heart is in Delhi and I’m here.  Or the fact that I couldn’t get shifts for September and am contemplating OTHER OPTIONS. Such as moving to Minneapolis, thus breaking my heart into more chunks and attempting to transfuse into new soil / or concrete.

I regret the lack of continuity in the post.

I really don’t care enough to fix it.

bring color to my skies

 We met this guy earlier in the summer at the first Salsa Explosion event and then re-met him at the second salsa explosion.  Exchanged numbers because he’s clearly an awesome dancer so I’ll probably see him in the future.


He called me today.  Out of nowhere.  I really don’t do phone calls, they make me vaguely uneasy, even when I’m calling a close friend (which he is not).

Talked for about an hour.  Barely know him, but after I got the I-have-a-boyfriend bombshell out of the way we had a really good talk. 

People don’t do that you know?  Just call strangers (unless they’re trying to get it…)

 I really don’t get all that much real talk lately.

Oh and I may move to Minneapolis sometime this next month.  Time for a change.  And I wasn’t able to get the days that I wanted to work.  Got six shifts where I usually get 24.

Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance

I was reading a very interesting book recently:

(here it is)

Absolutely fascinating.  Had an account of a religious group that grew out of exercise and meditation (similar to Yoga, at least, that’s how I understood it).  The Falun Gong or Falun Dafa.  The book talks about how the Communist party basically outlawed Falun Gong because they had so many adherents that it gave them some serious power in the country.  Lots of accounts of police brutality.  Lots of peaceful protests.

I was on a long car drive with my roommate (She’s from Jiangxi Province, China) and I asked her if she knew anything about the religion.

She responds with “Oh yeah, they’re crazy.  The government had to outlaw them because they kill themselves in public… They’re like Muslim extremists or something.”

I was shocked.  The book had said NOTHING about that. From what she was saying the religion was like some evil cult that encouraged it’s members to suicide.

Anyways, it was jarring.  Cognitive Dissonance to the max.  Could probably write something about propaganda, or Communism, or government blah blah blah.. but I’ve been feeling dizzy and awful all day so I’m gonna skip it.

Here’s a song:

Words are not Enough

The American media chooses to focus on trivialities, (not limited to, but certainly including, a dead lion named Cecil).  However, ultimately I do blame myself for not being more informed. 

Anyways.  A couple days ago I read this article on ISIS and sex-trafficking (TW: sexual assault).

Isis Enshrines a Theology of Rape

Awful doesn’t cover it.  It is so absolutely f**ked up that sex, this beautiful, wonderful thing, can be corrupted and used as a tool of destruction and hate.  SICK SICK SICK.

Some of this is being combated by a man named Steve Maman, who is buying these women (and in some cases, children) from ISIS to give them back their lives.

Read that story here:  A Canadian Businessman Inspired by Oskar Schindler Is Buying Back Christians and Yazidis Captured by Islamic State .

I don’t donate anything. Ever.  I am always too worried about corrupt charities, and ultimately I always decide its better to just give nothing.  That has to change.  I believe in this man.  I have to donate to his cause.  Please consider supporting him as well.