six months


I throw myself at
inhabit turtle shell
back alleyway
sleep for 13 hours a night
lose my ability
for metaphors
quit writing
quit singing
quit college
I take on mannerisms
that would make my former self
look like a
bellowing lumberjack
I know it threw you
to watch a butterfly
devolve into
a caterpillar again
reverse Darwinism
disappearing wings
star turned black hole
my writing is VERY sub par lately but I will work on that.  It’s like learning how to breathe again.  Not that I can remember the first time I learned how to breathe.  anyways I lost six months due to … well.  I did not write this during those six months but to be honest I didn’t really write anything.  Just laid in my bedroom and watched like thirty episodes of “Community” a day.  I’ve never referenced a lumberjack in a poem. Oddly enough I mention lumberjacks in real life quite a lot.