It’s my birthday tomorrow.
Yippy Skippy.
looking back to last year around this time and everything is different.  Which hopefully means that by my next birthday things will have done a 180 again.
you ever want to just
set something on fire?
a theater
a house
an entire year
or five
change your name
run away
rip out the IVs
bar the door
scream “fuck the life support”
smash the window
with a bronze statue of a
the hell

moving picture shows

screw drowning in an obsession
that isn’t even my own
my intermission started
five months ago
although you’re all fidgeting
in your seats
waiting for the lights to come back on
the curtain has caught fire
and while you’re searching for one of those
popcorn-selling ushers
the director is screaming something about
technical difficulties,
I have quietly vacated the premises,
and maybe it’s just my exorbitant love of
(when the demons accumulate
I get the fuck out of dodge
what did you expect)
 A.  why do I always feel like I need to escape something? and
B.  Why am I always delayed for years and years?
screw you scholarship.  I wouldn’t even be in college if it weren’t for you.