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alright. So. Budget traveling.

Just recently bought tickets to Europe.  They were 900 ish round trip from Minneapolis.  Supposedly buying tickets exactly 2 months before departure date will get you the best deal.  But don’t take my word for it, that article I read which I don’t have the link for is probably obsolete now.  GOOGLE.

It’s a good idea to pick countries that are relatively close together (if you want cheap).  This time I’m going to Germany, Italy, and the Czech Republic, all of which are accessible by train and blablacar.

Anyways.  If you’re not picky about where you land and when you go, use Google’s search tool for “flexible dates” and look at the map to see which airports you can get to for cheaper.

But Europe…. Europe is overrated.  EXCEPT If you’re into Salsa and other types of Latin Dancing you can go to a different congress every weekend which does kick it up a notch.  A lot of music / dance related things and of course Tommorowland. You can go other places cheaper and yeah, happier. Spent the best month of my life in Thailand getting tefl certified with TEFL Plus.

Before you begin your life of travel, PLEASE get a travel rewards card… I usually open one, buy stuff, get the sign on bonus, then cancel it after I’ve used my rewards (before the first year with no fees expires). I’m about to use my United Mileage Plus card to get a free trip to Ecuador this fall.

The Points Guy swears by the Card Match tool for choosing a rewards card.

Make sure there’s  a sign on bonus, the huger the better.

Nomadic Matt is also a good website to get this kind of info from. And he will email you responses to your travel questions.
Something to inspire you to hit up a Bachata Congress.


Ever since I went to Europe for a couple months that one summer, people have asked me how much it cost me.

I did not keep track of that.

HOWEVER this time I am going to give you the DEFINITIVE step by step guide to traveling cheap to Europe. Some of this won’t apply if you aren’t leaving from the U.S. But a lot of it will. So stay tuned.


Have you ever wondered what’s so good about Brussels during the Holiday season?  I’ve got two words for you:



(Also waffles.)

Okay just to clarify I’m not in Brussels anymore, I’m in Delhi.  Which you should know already.

Anyways, now to experience the magic of Belgium.

 Part of the main plaza

 For some reason the Christmas Market has very strange carousels, with such delightful steeds to ride as this ostrich…. and a giant cockroach.  Very steam-punk macabre.

 MMM 🙂  I can almost smell the gluewein. Or however you spell that.

 So we rode the ferris wheel, and as we’re getting on, I realize it’s the same one I rode during Tomorrowland… Not that huge of a coincidence, since Tomorrowland is quite near Brussels, but it made me happy.

 People from Brussels go to the Christmas Market for two reasons… to drink.. and to see the FUNNY CHRISTMAS ICE MONSTER! HAHAHHAHA.  I”m laughing just looking at it. so funny.

 St. Catherine Church makes a nice backdrop.

Right as we began making our way back through the main plaza, a light show began!  The eery music fit with the overall mood of people from Brussels (seriously I’ve never seen such dour Christmas spirit).  But the best part was when everything lit up red and Kate yelled “WE’RE IN HELL!”

Current plans:  I have a Hindi lesson scheduled for this Monday and Friday.  Also, I booked tickets to Bangalore for mid-January, to meet up with my Desi friend who hosted my friend and I in Liverpool (via couchsurfing.com).   I love getting the chance to meet up with people I met on my previous travels. 

Also Bangalore will be a WELCOME BREAK from Delhi. 


aight. finally.  bout to finish my Euro-blogging from this summer.  Next blog post I do will probably be in Belgium.  Well perhaps one after that.

ummmmmm Berlin.
Well my good pictures are mostly of graffiti.  We went on an “alternative” tour. Basically it’s for hipsters who feel like they are too good for the regular tours.  We looked too normal.  And while we’re at it, a lot of Berlin’s nightclubs don’t let you in unless you look alternative enough.  So you can’t go out dancing in a dress and heels.  You need dreadlocks and like, galaxy print tights or something.  Funny.  Unless you want to go to the REGULAR PEOPLE clubs,  the BORING PEOPLE clubs.  Hahaha.

Berlin is great for getting up close and personal with Third-Reich Nazi type history.  And learning about the Berlin Wall (I also went on a VERY INFORMATIVE tour for that!).

In short Berlin was great. 10/10 would recommend.

 Dancing girl stencils done by Alias.

 Brandenburg Gate

 It took us a LONG time to get a decent photo in this photoautomat.  We looked into the flash instead of the camera. Classy.  Very old machine, black and white prints.

My first kebab! Kebab was actually invented in Berlin, by Turkish immigrants who wanted fast food.